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New Bingo Sites

admin On July - 24 - 2016

You are reading this simply because you are an avid fan of online bingo games, aren’t you? Definitely, you are just one among the millions and millions of bingo lovers around the world who make it a point to participate on different online bingo sites available on the internet today. The fact is that there are thousands and thousands of online bingo sites today and in fact, new bingo sites are still mushrooming on the face of the internet today. This is a strong indication that the love of paying online bingo games is undying and continual among people from different parts of the world.

If you have been playing on online bingo sites before then you must be looking for new sites for sure. This sounds great because everyone is simply entitled to get in his way to find and pick the kind of online bingo site that will suit his preferences best. There are times that a particular bingo site may serve great to a particular player but can be something boring for others and vice versa. This means that even in the field of bingo games, individuality is still eminent and searching for a good one for your own sake is simply a task worth doing for. And if you’re looking for an answer as to where you can play no deposit bingo  and get a list of bingo websites that offer free bingo no deposit no card details win real money.

For you to be able to come up with the right bingo site, you need to know the bonuses these sites offer to their players. The best way to determine the bonus offers is to play on the site. This will give you the experience that will serve as your guide whenever you need to sign up and play on a specific online bingo site. There are lots of online bingo sites on the internet and get the one that truly fits you, and trying the ones that you think are great. This will then give you the chance to simplify your choices by simply eliminating the least desirable ones until you come up with the one, which you can call as one of the best new bingo sites.

So that you can have all the information you need about a particular bingo site, first visit a good online Bingo portal like before you sign up to a bingo site. That will also give you the opportunity to learn the different types of bingo games, which are offered. This way, you will be able to have the best experience playing on any of the best new bingo sites, which you have chosen.

How To Place A Bet ?

admin On May - 3 - 2016

Typically websites and blogs such as this will assume that you’re placing bets online, well not everyone will do that and of course if you’re actually attending the event then that may be slightly difficult so let’s signing up at bet365 to learn how to place a bet.

Well to start with that means that we’ll be visiting our local or on course friendly bookie.

Let’s create a scenario where you’re at the races with your friends. You’re enjoying a drink and chat when suddenly you realise you’ve got two minutes before the race starts.

You dash up to the betting counter, wait behind another couple of people who seem to take an age. All this whilst you’re deciding whether to go win bet, each way or even something else. You quickly scribble your bet down on paper, hand over your money and walk away.

But… are you 100% sure that you wrote everything down correctly? Did you check your betting slip?

Chances are that you didn’t as you were ill-prepared and in a rush.

When you place bets you need to be organised and prepared. Complete the betting slip in plenty of time, don’t leave things until the last minute. Check your slip for any mistakes to ensure that your plan is intact. Remember, you’re betting to win money here. You wouldn’t buy a house without having all the paperwork checked so don’t let your standards down here either. This is a business transaction.

It’s all too easy for the betting counter operator to reject your ticket because you wrote the wrong time, wrong course or dare we say the wrong horse! – Don’t let this happen to you, I’ve seen it more times that I care to remember.

Then of course, if you’re a pro you’ll want to keep track of your bets to review your performance over the long-term. It’s pointless having regular bets if ultimately they’re losing you money right?

Record keeping is a separate topic altogether but please, please when betting over the counter – you must double check your ticket and please keep tabs on your betting records.

I realise that this is quite a short blog but I feel that it raises something key to your future as a pro bettor – Accuracy!

Play Poker on Reputable Online Sites

admin On May - 20 - 2015

Playing poker online is a wonderful experience. Players need not buy poker tables, cards or chips to play from the comforts of their home. Players do not need to ask help to master the game. You can even play poker online for unlimited hours and need not wait for your friends to join you in playing poker. One of the most common problems faced by many players is that they need to find players to play at land based casinos. It is however necessary that a player must look for a legitimate website, if he/she decides to play poker online. This is necessary for players, who are newcomers to the world of online poker.

Many famous and well-known poker sites such as William Hill poker are available these days. These sites offer attractive bonuses to players for signing and then, playing on their sites. This is to attract more and more players to their sites. In addition, you can play at multiple sites at a time. In fact, you can earn multiple sign up bonuses by signing up with multiple poker sites. Even if there are thousands of players joining online everyday, you will still find a seat in most of the poker sites.

Many sites also offer software that you need to download onto your PC. The software helps in enhancing the display quality of playing poker games online. It can directly attract many players towards a particular site. There is also the availability of statistics that can provide a good choice to the players to select the best site to play.

Thus, you have plenty of options in hand when you decide to go online for playing poker. One of the greatest advantages of playing poker online is that you do not have to travel to casinos for playing your favorite poker game, as you can play it from the comfort of your home.

Bet Sizing in Poker

admin On April - 11 - 2015

Over the course of your online poker career, you will be dealt aces once every 221 hands. So will your opponents. The difference between being a long term winner and a long term loser is getting the most value out of your strong hands and losing the least from your weak hands.

When it comes down to it, you must have the ability to manipulate the size of the pot in your favor with your bets. In some ways, calling bets is easier than making them. Often, you will call or fold based on a mathematical conclusion; however, making bets requires you to think deeper, with consideration for your opponents’ likely holdings and proclivities to certain hands. To master optimal betting strategy you must first master all other facets of the game, because making the correct bet requires you to analyze the situation from every angle.

There are many reasons you might make a bet:

  • As a bluff or semi-bluff
  • To block a larger bet
  • To get value from your hand

Since bluffing is more often determined by your knowledge of your opponent than by the cards on the board, we’ll focus on value betting. Simply put, your goal should be to induce your opponent to call the largest possible amount when they are behind or drawing.

Hand Ranges in Poker

First you must assign a reasonable range of hands to your opponent based on the information already available in the hand. From there, determine how many outs your opponent likely has that will give him the better hand. Your bet should certainly lay odds that are worse than the odds that his draw will come in, but more often than not your opponents will be willing to call bets that are much larger than the mathematical equilibrium.

Using your knowledge of your opponent (does he call large bets with flush draws, does he continue in the hand with second or third pair, for instance), size your bet as large as possible while allowing him to continue in the hand. If your opponent has a flush draw on the turn, you have to bet about 40% of the pot to be sure he has the wrong odds to draw; however, you should usually bet more than that, as your opponents are willing to make that mistake.

Optimal betting isn’t always about betting large. Poker is a game of small margins, so making small bets to keep your opponent in a hand with a subpar hand is often important to raising your winrate. Many players will call small bets when they are clearly beat simply because of the pot odds. They figure that their hand has a certain chance of actually being the best, when in fact it has no chance of being good. As a matter of fact, it should be your hand reading skills that influence you to bet small. If you deduce that your opponent has a weak hand, such as third pair, and you know he will not call more than a quarter pot-sized bet, that should be your maximum bet. Notice that it doesn’t matter what cards you hold, as long as they can beat third pair.

A few more important points need to be made. If your opponent thinks he has the best hand, there’s no reason to count his outs, because he’s certainly not thinking about them at all. In fact, he’s probably thinking about your outs, and he may very well raise you if he believes he is ahead. For that reason, if you think your opponent thinks he is ahead, you should bet significantly more than normal if you can beat his holding. This point has corollary to the next: if you believe your opponent has a strong draw to a second best hand, you should seek to keep him in the hand with a smaller than normal bet. If your opponent makes his hand, he’ll surely go broke, so you win more by letting him hit his draw and bust than by betting large and blowing him off his hand on the previous street.

Calculating Outs in Poker

admin On April - 6 - 2015

In poker, an “out” refers to any card that could appear on the turn or river to improve your hand. An example would be a card that would complete your straight or flush draw. It is important to understand outs because it is a very important aspect of the game when you are deciding whether to try to draw to a big hand when you know you are currently behind. This article will give examples of how to calculate outs in different situations and how to use this information to make the correct decisions at the poker tables.

Finding Your Outs

First off we will look at how you can calculate your outs in some very common poker situations. In order to calculate your outs you have to look at how many cards are left in the deck that would improve your hand to what you feel would win pot. For example, if you have 4 to a flush, and there are a total of 13 cards of each suit in the deck, then there are 9 cards that could come from the cards to improve your hand.

Another example would be an open-ended straight draw. Let’s say you have a (7,8) in your hand and the flop comes (K,5,6). If you put your opponent on a king then you need to figure out how many outs you have to making the best hand. In this case you have the four 4’s that are left in the deck and the four 9’s, for a total of 8 outs.

Common Mistakes

A common mistake that is made when calculating outs is double counting the same card twice when there are combinations of draws on the flop or turn. For example, say that you have both a flush draw and a straight draw after the turn. In this case you will have 9 outs to hit the flush and 8 outs to hit the straight. This would give you a total of 17 outs to make the best hand right? Wrong! You have to remember that you are using 2 of the same cards to hit both the flush and the straight, so you need to subtract 2 from the total outs to find the correct total which in this case is 15.

Here is an example of this situation. Say you have (8D,9D) in your hand and flop is (7C,2D,10S) and the turn is (KD). At this point in the hand you have both an open-ended straight draw and 4 to a flush. You have 9 outs to make a flush and 8 outs to make a straight. However, the 6D and the JD would make you both the straight and the flush. For this reason you have to subtract these two cards from one of the draws in order to find the correct amount of outs.

Calculating your Odds to Win

Once you know how many outs you have to making the best hand you can start calculating your odds of winning the hand. To do this you have to divide your number of outs by the number of unseen cards to find the chances that one of your outs will appear. After the flop there are 47 unseen cards and after the turn there are 46. If we look at the example above where you had 15 outs to win the hand after the turn we can see what your chances are of hitting one of these outs. To do this we must divide 15 by 46 to see that you have a 32.6% chance of hitting one of your 15 outs on the river.

A Final Thought On Calculating Outs In Poker

An out is a card that could still be in the deck that would likely make your hand the best at the table. The most common situations where you will need to calculate your outs would be when you are drawing to a flush or a straight on the turn or river. Once you know your outs you should calculate your chances of hitting one of the outs by dividing the amount of outs you have by the total number of cards remaining in the deck.

By being able to calculate the odds of improving your hand you will be able to better decide when to draw to your straight or flush, taking into account the pot odds in the hand. PKR Poker would be a great place to practice calculating your outs. Remember to use a PKR bonus code when signing up to ensure you get the initial deposit bonus that is right for you.